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Coryxkenshin, or Cory DeVante Williams by his real name, is that awesome YouTuber and gamer who knows how to rock the horror game scene. His fans are always hungry for the deets on his life and journey.

Okay, let’s get real here. People want to know how tall this dude is, right? We’ve got the lowdown on that. And what’s the deal with his net worth? You bet we’re spilling that tea. Plus, the merch – because who doesn’t want a piece of Coryxkenshin swag? And hey, where did it all begin? We’re taking you back to the roots – his birthplace.

Let’s now dispel some of the allegations that have been circulating regarding his health. We’re here to provide you with the truth and to put things right. Fans adore Coryxkenshin because he has a talent for making terrifying video games seem easy. Join us as we peel back the layers of Coryxkenshin’s universe and reveal the person behind the controller.

CoryxKenshin Net Worth

Coryx Kenshin’s $1 million net worth as of 2023 is mostly due to his successful apparel sales. He offers a wide range of products, such as chic cell covers, t-shirts, hoodies, and appealing mugs. The bulk of his earnings emanates from the popularity of these items, showcasing not only his distinctive brand but also a strong connection with his fan base.

Who Is Coryxkenshin Death

Hello, there’s CoryxKenshin, a fantastic YouTuber that was born on November 9, 1992. He just enjoys the nice stuff, such as humorous vlogs and exciting gaming expeditions. And get this, the dude’s got more than 6 million subscribers on YouTube! That’s like a whole city of fans.

But it’s not just YouTube fame for him. CoryxKenshin is on the go; he posts amazing content on Instagram, engages in lively conversation on Twitter, and even has his own store selling awesome merchandise, CoryxKenshin Merch Shop. So, you should definitely check out CoryxKenshin if you enjoy games, laughter, and overall positive energy!

Coryxkenshin Death Biography

As of November 9, 2023, Coryx Kenshin has achieved a significant 3-1 victory. He infuses his Scorpio spirit into all he does. Raised in the United States, he is a proud representative of his African American heritage. But it’s not all fun and games for Cory – he’s got that relentless and ambitious vibe going on.

What sets him apart, though, is his openness about being a Christian. You know how some folks keep their faith on the down-low? Not Cory. At the end of his videos, he always takes a moment to shout out to the big guy upstairs, giving it that personal touch. It’s just one of the things that makes him real, you know?


Full NameCory DeVante Williams
Date of BirthNovember 9, 1992
Age31 years old
Family NameWilliams
Birth PlaceAnn Arbor, Michigan
Current ResidenceDetroit, Michigan
Zodiac SignScorpio
AwardsNot Available
Net Worth$1 million
Height6′ 3″
Weight70 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorLight brown
FatherAnthony K. Williams Jr.
MotherStephanie Williams
SiblingsAleya, Anthony
GirlfriendNot Available
WifeNot Available

Coryxkenshin Death Early Life and Education

Cory DeVante Williams, widely known by his online pseudonym ‘coryxkenshin,’ hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he was born to Anthony K. Williams Jr. and Stephanie Williams. His family includes a sister named Aleya and a brother named Anthony, who has his own YouTube channel called ‘Certified AK.’ Cory often shares snippets of his life, including introducing his brother in a video dedicated to Five Nights at Freddy’s 2.

Currently residing in Detroit, Michigan, Cory made the move to this part of the state in 2017, having purchased a home at the price of $415,000. The house boasts an expansive 2,705 sq. ft. area, serving as his base for creating content and connecting with his audience. Cory is not just a content creator; he’s a proud pet owner as well. His beloved dog, Samson, holds a special place in his heart. Cory affectionately refers to Samson as “Samson the Savage” or simply “Sam.” It’s worth noting that Samson is Cory’s first-ever pet dog.

Coryxkenshin, also dubbed ‘the ankle breaker,’ has built a significant online presence, blending his real-life experiences with his gaming and entertainment content. His journey from Ann Arbor to Detroit reflects both personal and professional growth, and his viewers get a glimpse into his life beyond the digital realm.

Coryxkenshin Death Height and more

Coryx Kenshin is six feet three inches tall and weighs around seventy kg. His jet-black hair goes well with his attractive light brown eyes. The enigmatic content creator has kept details about tattoos under wraps, leaving fans curious. When it comes to footwear, he comfortably fits into a size 9 in the United States.

CoryxKenshin Family

CoryxKenshin is blessed with an incredibly supportive family. His sister, Aleya Williams, is a talented artist, and his brother, Anthony K Williams Jr, shares his creativity on YouTube. Their mom, Stephanie Williams, and dad, Anthony Williams, provide a strong foundation for CoryxKenshin, fostering a loving and encouraging environment for his endeavors.

In his video he mentioned how his sister helped him to start his youtube channel and his brother helped him also in his career. He often said his family is very supportive and proud of his success.

CoryxKenshin Personal Life

Coryx Kenshin was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on November 9, 1992, however his roots are in Detroit. Cory DeVante Williams is the guy behind the internet identity.  His canine companion, Samson the Savage, affectionately known as Sam, became a part of the Samurai Community on May 3, 2016. Family ties run strong in Cory’s life, with a younger brother named Anthony K. Williams, who occasionally makes appearances in his videos. Anthony also has his own YouTube channel, Certified AK. Adding to the family mix is Cory’s younger sister, Aleya.

While initially pursuing Media Arts at Michigan State University, Cory redirected his path, opting to delve into Game Development in Computer Science at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He eventually dropped college to focus entirely on his online profession as the allure of YouTube proved too much to refuse. Known for his gaming material, CoryxKenshin has kept his personal life private, which has allowed him to retain an aura of mystery and appeal to his fan base. Even though there aren’t many facts about Cory’s background or family online, he likes to avoid spending too much time on social media and YouTube.

As for his current relationship status, the enigmatic YouTuber has left fans guessing. Whether he’s single or not remains a well-guarded secret, adding to the allure that surrounds CoryxKenshin in the eyes of his devoted followers.

CoryxKenshin YouTube Career

Cory DeVante Williams, widely recognized as CoryxKenshin, made his entrance into the YouTube scene on April 26, 2009, at the youthful age of 16. His inaugural video hit the platform in May of that same year, aptly titled ‘Girls in Particular,’ where he delved into topics like girls, dating, and the movie ‘Hitch.’ In the early days, he primarily embraced the vlogging genre, sharing his perspectives on high school and college life. These videos often featured snippets from films, showcasing his interactions with friends. He posted films on a weekly basis at first, following a set timetable, but with time, the frequency of his posts increased. CoryxKenshin made the decision to take a long break from YouTube at the end of 2011.

Coryx Kenshin played the first-person horror game “White Finger” in October 2013, indicating his much anticipated return in April 2013. His foray into gaming series began with ‘Super Punch-Out!’ from 1994. Notably, CoryxKenshin actively participated in various gaming events, including PAX East and Comic-Con International. These experiences provided opportunities for him to connect with fellow YouTubers such as Muyskerm, Yamimash, LordMinion777, and Jacksepticeye. Through these shared gaming adventures, CoryxKenshin continued to build his presence and connection within the YouTube gaming community.

Girlfriend and Dating

Coryx Kenshin is on her own in a partnership as of 2023. I’ve heard that he isn’t dating anyone right now. There might have been a past romance in the mix, but as of now, he’s riding the single wave.

Coryxkenshin Merch

Despite the lack of official Coryx Kenshin stuff, a ton of incredible artists are selling incredible items that have been inspired by him on Etsy and Redbubble. A wide range of goods are available for purchase, such as stickers, posters, cozy hoodies, and stylish T-shirts. The fan community loves it, and you can check out the links below to snag some of this dope CoryxKenshin gear!

Girlfriend, Affairs, and Marriage

Right now, he’s flying solo, but there’s a mysterious chapter in his romantic history. We don’t have the deets on that special someone from his past just yet. Stay tuned, though! We’ll spill the tea as soon as we uncover the scoop.


  1. Real Name and Nickname: Cory DeVante Williams, known online as CoryxKenshin, and nicknamed ‘the ankle breaker.’
  2. Birth and Current Residence: Born on November 9, 1992, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, currently residing in Detroit, Michigan.
  3. Family: Parents are Anthony K. Williams Jr. (father) and Stephanie Williams (mother). Siblings include Aleya (sister) and Anthony (brother).
  4. Pet: Owns a pet dog named Samson, also known as Samson the Savage.
  5. Early Life and Education: Enrolled at Michigan State University for Media Arts, later switched to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for Game Development in Computer Science, eventually dropped out to pursue YouTube full-time.
  6. YouTube Career: Started YouTube in April 2009, initially a vlogger, returned in 2013 with gaming content. Known for playing horror games and has attended gaming shows like PAX East and Comic-Con International.
  7. Social Media Presence: Active on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and runs the CoryxKenshin Merch Shop.
  8. Height and Appearance: Stands at 6 feet 3 inches tall, with a weight of around 70 kg. Light brown eyes, black hair, and a US shoe size of 9.
  9. Net Worth: Estimated at $1 million as of 2023, mainly earned through merchandise sales on


Is CoryxKenshin Dead?

No, CoryxKenshin is not dead. This information is not accurate, and he is alive as of the last available data in 2023.

What is CoryxKenshin’s Net Worth?

CoryxKenshin’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million as of 2023, primarily from merchandise sales.

Does CoryxKenshin Have a Girlfriend?

As of 2023, CoryxKenshin is reported to be single. He had a past relationship, but current details are unknown.

Where is CoryxKenshin From?

CoryxKenshin was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and currently resides in Detroit, Michigan.

What is CoryxKenshin’s YouTube Content?

CoryxKenshin creates content focused on gaming, particularly horror games, and vlogs on topics related to comedy and gaming.

Does CoryxKenshin Have Official Merchandise?

CoryxKenshin does not have official merchandise, but independent artists create and sell inspired merchandise on platforms like Redbubble and Etsy.

Why Did CoryxKenshin Drop Out of University?

CoryxKenshin decided to drop out of the University of Michigan to focus on his YouTube career full-time.

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