Frances Burrell

The Life Of Ty Burrell’s Daughter, Frances Burrell

Who is Frances Burrell?

Frances Burrell holds a special place in the heart of renowned American actor Ty Burrell and his wife, Holly Burrell, as their cherished adopted daughter.

The Burrells have made a deliberate decision to shield Frances from the often intrusive public eye, leaving us with scant information about her personal life and upbringing.

Within the loving confines of her family, Frances enjoys a strong and affectionate bond not only with her parents but also with her sister, Greta Burrell. Greta, too, was welcomed into the Burrell family through adoption back in 2012. Their family dynamics are filled with warmth and love, providing Frances with a nurturing environment to grow and thrive.

Frances Burrell Wiki

Full NameFrances Burrell
Birth Year2010
Age13 Years
ZodiacNot Known
Sexual OrientationStraight
ParentsTy Burrell and Holly Burrell
SiblingsGreta Burrell
Famous ForAdopted daughter of Ty Burrell
Marital StatusSingle
Net WorthNot Known

Frances Burrell’s Is An Adopted Child

Ty Burrell and his wife, Holly Burrell, joyfully embraced parenthood by adopting their daughter, Frances Burrell.

Yet, the intricate details surrounding Frances’ adoption, such as the date and the circumstances, remain a closely guarded secret within their family. It’s a choice made by many public figures, including celebrities, who prioritize the protection of their family’s privacy when it comes to matters as personal and profound as adoption.

Frances Burrell Background

Frances was adopted in 2010, so she must be in junior high. However, solid evidence regarding her education is unavailable.

Frances Burrell’s Educational 

Frances Burrell’s scholastic odyssey remains ensconced within a shroud of secrecy, a testament to her progenitors’ steadfast commitment to preserving her sanctum of privacy. Information pertaining to the rudimentary institutes of learning she frequented remains ensconced within the realms of non-disclosure.

At present, Frances ardently traverses the labyrinthine corridors of academia, with conjecture abounding that her familial endowment of substantial fiscal reserves may potentially facilitate her ascent to the echelons of higher education at its zenith. However, the intricacies delineating her educational trajectory continue to evade elucidation, mirroring her family’s unwavering resolve to embrace a discreet existence, far removed from the public’s prying gaze.

Frances Burrell Age

Although the precise date of Frances Burrell’s birth has been intentionally shielded from the public, her mother did reveal in a 2020 interview that she was 10 years old at the time. This snippet of information hints at Frances likely being born around the year 2010, which would make her roughly 13 years old in 2023.

However, the exact details of her birth month and date remain elusive, leaving her zodiac sign a mystery. Furthermore, her adoptive parents, who happen to be famous figures, have purposefully chosen not to disclose any information about her birth parents or her place of birth, maintaining a strong commitment to protect her privacy.

Frances Burrell’s Parents

Ty and Holly Burrell are the proud parents of Frances Burrell. Ty Burrell is widely recognized as a celebrated American actor, most notably for his brilliant portrayal of Phil Dunphy in the beloved ABC sitcom “Modern Family.”

Meanwhile, her mother, Holly Burrell, is a talented professional chef, adding a delicious flavor to their family’s dynamic. Together, they create a unique blend of creativity and talent in the world of entertainment and culinary arts.

Her Father, Ty Burrell

Embarking on his cinematic voyage, Ty Burrell delved into the realm of motion pictures in 2001, leaving an indelible mark through his remarkable performances in “Evolution” and “Black Hawk Down.” His exceptional talent swiftly propelled him into the limelight as the protagonist of the 2004 reinterpretation of “Dawn of the Dead.” Nevertheless, Ty’s multifaceted expertise transcended the silver screen, as he graced the theatrical stage with his presence, participating in the Broadway revival of “Macbeth” in the year 2000. His thespian virtuosity further illuminated off-Broadway productions such as “Corners,” “The Blue Demon,” “Burn This,” and “Show People.”

Within the thespian domain, he even undertook the mantle of co-authorship and performance in the original staging of the eccentric comedy “The Red Herring O’ Happiness,” orchestrated by Russell Dyball. Ty’s creative ingenuity extended to his collaborations with his sibling, Duncan, in the off-Broadway endeavor known as “Babble.” His artistry left an indelible imprint on the small screen as well, gracing the precincts of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” as a prosecutor hailing from New Jersey.

In the cinematic panorama, Ty assumed the role of Leonard Samson, devoid of superhuman abilities, in the 2008 Marvel cinematic adaptation of the comic book “The Incredible Hulk.” It was here that he engaged in a brief yet unforgettable liaison with Betty Ross.

However, it was his portrayal of the astute real estate agent, Phil Dunphy, in the acclaimed ABC sitcom “Modern Family” that propelled him into the upper echelons of stardom. This television masterpiece, orchestrated by the creative minds of Christopher Lloyd and Steve Levitan, garnered Ty Burrell an astonishing eight consecutive Primetime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, spanning from 2010 to 2017, with triumphant victories in 2011 and 2014.

His exceptional thespian craftsmanship also earned him nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Male Actor in a Comedy Series and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy Series, accolades that he graciously shared with his esteemed co-stars. Remarkably, he clinched the individual SAG award in 2014, thus breaking Alec Baldwin’s seven-year stranglehold on the honor.

In the fateful month of November in 2014, Ty Burrell inked an all-encompassing agreement with 20th Century Fox Television, signifying his earnest intent to embark on the creative journey of birthing his own comedic ventures. This artistic odyssey continued its evolution in the month of July in 2020, as his existing pact with 20th Century Fox expanded to encompass the inception of his very own production enterprise, Desert Whale Productions.

To culminate his illustrious career trajectory, Ty’s web series, “Boondoggle,” a loosely autobiographical narrative, made its inaugural appearance on the digital canvas of and ABCd in the month of June in 2016. His exceptional craftsmanship even garnered him a coveted nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Actor in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series in July 2017. Ty Burrell’s professional journey has indeed been a captivating odyssey through the multifaceted facets of the entertainment realm, leaving an enduring mark at every juncture.

Her Mother, Holly Burrell

Inception on November 25, 1975, within the serene confines of Fruit Heights, Utah, USA, Holly Burrell graced the world. She stands as the cherished spouse of the exceptionally gifted thespian, Ty Burrell. Holly emanates from a tightly-knit Mormon lineage, and she has meticulously cultivated her culinary prowess, ascending to the status of a consummate professional gastronome.

Holly inclines toward a life veiled in privacy, albeit occasionally extending an altruistic olive branch by providing fleeting insights into her realm via her Instagram handle, @hollyannburrell. It is within these sporadic posts that she imparts fragments of her existence to her avid followers.

The union of Holly and Ty Burrell embarked upon its matrimonial voyage in the annals of the year 2000. Together, they have meticulously woven a tapestry of existence steeped in affection and an array of mutual escapades.

Frances Burrell’s Grandparents

Frances Burrell’s grandparents go by the names of Sheri Burrell and Gary Burrell. Although they are part of her family’s heritage, detailed information about them remains somewhat elusive and not readily accessible at this moment. Their lives and stories, like many aspects of Frances’ family, are shrouded in a degree of privacy.

Frances Burrell’s Sister, Greta Burrell

Frances Burrell’s younger sister is Greta Burrell, whose given name is Gretchen Burrell. Greta became a part of the family through adoption in 2012, just like her older sister Frances. Just like Frances, Greta’s family has chosen to protect her privacy, and details about her birth parents and place of birth are held closely.

Growing up in a loving Christian home provided by Ty Burrell and Holly Burrell, Greta enjoys precious moments with her family, even though her father’s acting career keeps him quite busy. Similar to her sister, Greta’s educational background and future goals are unknown to the general world. Due to the Burrell family’s dedication to seclusion, their kids are given the freedom to mature and flourish away from the prying eyes of the outside world.

Frances Burrell Professional Career

Frances Burrell is presently focused on her study and has not yet made a professional choice. She may one day pursue a job similar to her parents’ excellent and prosperous ones since they serve as role models. But as she develops and finds her own passions and interests, she can also decide to forge a special, wholly individual path. For Frances, the future is full with opportunities, and she is free to investigate and sculpt her future at her own pace.

Frances Burrell’s Net Worth

Frances Burrell is still developing her profession, so exact information about her net worth is not yet accessible. But Ty Burrell, her father, has had a very successful career and has amassed a respectable net worth of about $30 million. It demonstrates his talent and commitment to the entertainment business.

Frances Burrell Instagram

Because Frances is still fairly young, she doesn’t use social media, including Instagram.

Unfortunately, Ty and Holly, her parents, have decided to keep their family life private and haven’t posted any pictures of their girls on Instagram.

Her father, Ty Burrell, does have an Instagram account, @tygburrell, with 297 thousand followers and 59 posts. On his account, he primarily promotes his shows and occasionally shares pictures with one of his on-screen daughters. Their commitment to maintaining their family’s privacy is evident in their limited presence on social media.


  1. Frances Burrell is the adopted daughter of American actor Ty Burrell and his wife, Holly Burrell.
  2. She was adopted in 2010, making her around 13 years old in 2023.
  3. Frances has a younger adopted sister named Greta Burrell, who joined the family in 2012.
  4. The Burrell family values their privacy and has kept many details about Frances’s adoption and early life confidential.
  5. Frances is of Black ethnicity and is an American citizen.
  6. She is currently single, given her young age.
  7. Ty and Holly, Frances’ parents, raised their girls lovingly.
  8. Her father, Ty Burrell, is famous for playing Phil Dunphy in “Modern Family.”
  9. Holly Burrell, her mother, is a professional chef.
  10. Frances’s grandparents are Sheri Burrell and Gary Burrell, but limited information is available about them.


What is Frances Burrell’s age?

Frances Burrell was born around the year 2010, making her approximately 13 years old in 2023.

Who are Frances Burrell’s parents?

Frances Burrell’s parents are Ty Burrell, a well-known actor, and Holly Burrell, a professional chef.

Does Frances Burrell have any siblings?

Yes, Frances has a younger adopted sister named Greta Burrell, who was adopted in 2012.

What is Frances Burrell’s ethnicity?

Frances Burrell is of Black ethnicity and holds American nationality.

What is the net worth of Frances Burrell?

Information about Frances Burrell’s net worth is not available as she is still in her early years and has not started a professional career.

Does Frances Burrell have a social media presence?

No, Frances does not have a social media presence, and her family, including her parents Ty and Holly Burrell, maintains a private family life.

Why is there limited information about Frances Burrell’s adoption and early life?

The Burrell family has chosen to keep many details about Frances’s adoption and personal life confidential to protect their privacy.

What are Ty Burrell’s notable acting roles?

Ty Burrell is best known for playing Phil Dunphy in “Modern Family.” He has also appeared in films and plays.

What is Holly Burrell’s profession?

Holly Burrell is a professional chef, adding culinary expertise to the family’s dynamic.

Do Frances Burrell’s grandparents have public profiles?

There is limited information available about Frances Burrell’s grandparents, Sheri Burrell and Gary Burrell, and their lives are kept private.


In conclusion, Ty and Holly Burrell love Frances Burrell, a small girl. She was adopted into the Burrell family in 2010 and raised in secrecy. Frances’ younger sister Greta was adopted in 2012. The Burrells appreciate privacy, thus Frances’s adoption and personal life are kept private. Despite her parents’ fame in entertainment and cooking, Frances is raised lovingly. Frances is predicted to be 13 years old in 2023, and her career route is still unknown as she matures.

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