Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard

Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard: A Remarkable Journey Through Love and Loss


In the annals of romantic chronicles, the luminous tale of Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard, a native denizen of Santa Barbara, California, has garnered considerable renown. She ascended to the realms of notoriety through her entwined heartstrings with the departed luminary of American cinema, Paul Walker. Her advent upon this world transpired on September 26, 1989, bestowing upon her a chronological disparity of no small magnitude in relation to Paul.

The curtains of their courtship unfurled in the year 2006 when the tapestry of jasmine gosnell pilchard life had traversed a mere fifteen orbits around the sun. Paul, ensconced in the embrace of 31 years, stood at the threshold of this union. Such a chasm in age, stretching to a chivalrous sixteen years, would have dissuaded the average heart. Yet, it failed to deter the relentless passion that burned between them.

Regrettably, the capricious wheel of fate took a somber spin on November 30, 2013, when the illustrious Paul Walker was engulfed by the tempestuous flames of a fatal vehicular mishap in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California. The inexorable hand of time had carried him to the age of forty, leaving jasmine gosnell pilchard , a mere denizen of twenty-three summers, in the wake of this heart-wrenching tempest.

The tempest of sorrow did not spare the tender soul of Jasjasmine gosnell pilchard mine, for Jim Torp, a confidant held in close camaraderie by Paul, divulged that upon receiving the shattering tidings, she succumbed to the numbing abyss of unconsciousness. Nevertheless, within her, a wellspring of inner fortitude lay concealed. She summoned this reservoir of strength to embrace a role of unparalleled gravity—that of a surrogate maternal guardian to Paul’s sole progeny, the cherubic Meadow Rain Walker.

Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard, a name now indelibly etched in the annals of their shared history, bore the agonizing responsibility of imparting the grim epiphany of Paul’s untimely departure to the young Meadow. Amidst the turbulent tempest of grief that enveloped their lives, she undertook the mantle of a benevolent stepmother. Rebecca McBrain, the matriarch of Meadow Rain Walker, journeyed to the heart of California during this tumultuous epoch, seeking to proffer solace and solitude in the face of an unfathomable void.

Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard: Childhood

Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell, born on the 26th of September, entered this world in 1989 amidst the captivating environs of Santa Barbara, California, USA. Presently, she finds herself reveling in her 33rd year of existence, her celestial identity aligning with the harmonious sign of Libra.

Regarding her familial lineage, jasmine gosnell pilchard emanates from the progeny of Casey James Pilchard, an industrious proprietor of a horticultural enterprise, while her maternal figure, Julie Pilchard, stands as a devoted homemaker. Although scant public discourse envelopes the matter of jasmine gosnell pilchard siblings, it is conspicuously probable that she remains the solitary scion of her parental lineage, as no mention has surfaced of any additional consanguineous connections. Her formative years transpired amid the sun-drenched landscapes of California, ensconced within the affectionate care of her doting progenitors.

Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard Biography

Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard stands out as a prominent and affluent member of her family. She came into this world on September 26, 1989, in the sunny state of California, United States. As of June 1, 2023, jasmine gosnell pilchard boasts an impressive net worth of approximately $5 million.

Jasmine gosnell pilchard shares a special bond not only with her late boyfriend Paul Walker but also with his brothers, Paul, and She, Caleb and Cody. Their connection has remained strong throughout the years.

In addition to her relationship with Paul’s brothers, Jasmine also formed a deep and enduring bond with Paul Walker’s beloved daughter, Meadow. She stepped into the role of a caring figure in Meadow’s life.

jasmine gosnell pilchard father, Casey, made a living as the owner of a landscaping business, while her mother, Julie Pilchard, devoted herself to being a loving parent.


People often wonder about Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard’s ethnicity, nationality, ancestry, and race. Let’s uncover the details! According to available public resources such as IMDb and Wikipedia, Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard is of Caucasian ethnicity. 

For information about her religion and political views, we’ll need to keep an eye on updates in this article in the coming days.

Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard Wiki

 Born on September 26, 1959, in the picturesque city of Santa Barbara, California, Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard has a notable connection to the late actor Paul Walker. Up until the fatal car accident that took his life in 2013, Paul was known for keeping his personal life extremely secret. In the wake of this incident, information concerning his connection with his longtime girlfriend Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard has surfaced.

Their love story began when jasmine gosnell pilchard was just 16 years old, and Paul was 33, marking a significant age gap. Interestingly, it’s worth noting that Paul’s previous girlfriend, Aubrianna Atwell, was also 16 years old when they first crossed paths. These revelations have surfaced after the release of Paramount Network’s documentary titled “I Am Paul Walker,” shedding light on the actor’s life and relationships.

Popular NameJasmine Gosnell Pilchard
Real NameJasmine Gosnell Pilchard
Date of BirthSeptember 26, 1989
Age33 years old
Place of BirthSanta Barbara, California, USA
FatherCasey James Gosnell
MotherJulie Pilchard
BrotherNot disclosed
SisterWeslea Greyson
SpouseTravis Turpin
Net WorthUnknown
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight60 kgs
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Instagram IDfrigg_off


In the realm of her academic pursuits, jasmine gosnell pilchard embarked on her scholastic journey within the confines of a local secondary institution. Upon the culmination of her secondary education, she proceeded to take the subsequent stride and matriculated at the esteemed University of California. It is worth noting that the particular realm of academia or field of specialization that she immersed herself in during her tenure at the university remains shrouded in mystery.

Education LevelStatus
SchoolHigh School
Highest QualificationGraduate

Jasmine Personal Life 

Aged 33, jasmine gosnell pilchard , the former paramour of Paul Walker, graced this world in the enchanting locale of Santa Barbara. Her progenitors, Casey and Julie, bequeathed upon her a nurturing and affectionate upbringing.

During her formative years, jasmine gosnell pilchard reveled in the companionship of her two siblings, a fraternal brother and a sororal sister, fostering an unbreakable familial camaraderie. While her paternal figure embarked on his career voyage as a tycoon, her maternal matriarch dedicated herself fervently to the art of homemaking.

The ascent of jasmine gosnell pilchard into the luminous realms of public attention was catalyzed by her association with Paul Walker, in the wake of his tragic demise. The revelation of their liaison elicited a diverse spectrum of reactions from the populace. The chasm in their ages was conspicuously wide, with jasmine gosnell pilchard being a mere sixteen years old at the inception of their courtship, while Paul was ensconced in his thirty-third year. Understandably, this age disjunction raised many an eyebrow and engendered a palpable discomfiture, given her status as a minor when their romantic entanglement commenced.

Even antecedent to the world’s cognizance of her affiliation with Paul, jasmine gosnell pilchard adeptly shielded her private life from the purview of the voracious media. In the aftermath of Paul’s untimely demise, she consciously elected to maintain a substantial detachment from the relentless scrutiny of the press.

Professional Life

In the realm of her chosen vocation, Jasmine has maintained an air of secrecy, veiling the intricacies of her journey from prying eyes. Her ascent to prominence was forged through her association with the departed luminary, Paul Walker. Their romantic narrative commenced during her tender age of 15, and in the blink of an eye, the duo seized the spotlight of the media, swiftly metamorphosing into a viral sensation within the realms of social media.

Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard Age

Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard made her entrance into the world on September 26, 1989, in the scenic city of Santa Barbara, California. As of 2018, she had reached the age of 29. Her family consists of her mother, Julie Pilchard, and her father, Casey James Gosnell, who is a businessman.

The untimely passing of Paul Walker in Santa Clarita, California, had a profound impact on Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard. Reportedly, she sought counseling to help cope with the loss. On her Facebook page, she shared her thoughts about “walking the Streets of One,” hinting at the challenges she was facing during that time. Nevertheless, she maintained strong bonds with Meadow Rain Walker, as well as with Paul’s brothers, Cody and Caleb.

She’s also been spending more time with Theresa Gosnell, who resides in Goleta and runs a family landscaping company. Family seems to play an important role in Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard life, offering support and connection during difficult times.

Height & Weight

In her early thirties, Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell maintains an impeccable and meticulously nurtured physique. Standing tall at 5 feet 8 inches, she carries herself with an air of sophistication. Her weight registers at a slender 55 kilograms, and as for her bodily proportions, they stand at an elegant 34-26-35, showcasing her innate beauty.

Adorned with resplendent blonde locks and entrancing sapphire eyes, Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard possesses a timeless allure that amplifies her overall charm.


Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard’s father, Casey James Gosnell, is a proud owner of a landscape gardening business, while her mother, Julie Pilchard, dedicated her time to homemaking.

In the face of the heartbreaking loss of Paul Walker, Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard stepped up to take on a significant role in supporting Walker’s daughter, Meadow. Despite the eight-year age gap between Meadow and herself, Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard wholeheartedly embraced the role of a stepmother. When she first heard the devastating news of Paul’s passing, it was an overwhelming moment, and she even collapsed. But, summoning incredible strength, she was the one who had to break the heart-wrenching news to Meadow Rain Walker. Afterward, Jasmine gathered herself and took Meadow under her wing, providing comfort and solace during such a challenging time.

FatherCasey James Gosnell
MotherJulie Pilchard

Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard Relationship

Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard journey with Paul Walker began when she was just a teenager, a sweet sixteen, while he was in his thirties at the age of thirty-three. Despite the notable seventeen-year age gap, their connection was undeniable, and they embarked on a romantic journey together.

Their relationship spanned seven years, marked by a significant moment when they got engaged. However, their love story took an abrupt and tragic turn with Paul’s untimely death.

The devastating news of Paul’s passing hit Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard like a tidal wave. She was so overwhelmed that she even fainted upon learning that her beloved boyfriend was no longer with us. Despite her own grief, Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard summoned her inner strength for the sake of Paul’s daughter, Meadow.

Surprisingly, despite being only eight years older than Meadow, Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard took on a motherly role, becoming her pillar of support during these trying times. She was the one who had to deliver the heart-wrenching news of Paul’s passing to Meadow.

Jasmine’s bond with Meadow endured, and they remain close to this day, despite the complicated family dynamics involving Paul’s ex-girlfriend, Rebecca McBrain, who is Meadow’s mother.

In the aftermath of these challenging experiences, Jasmine took the time she needed to heal. Seeking therapy, she gradually mended her heart. Eventually, she found love once more, this time with the renowned musician Travis Turpin. Their relationship began in 2014, just a year after Paul’s tragic departure from this world.

Their love story has thrived, culminating in an engagement in 2017, marking a new chapter in Jasmine’s life filled with love and healing.


In the realm of Pilchard-Gosnell’s professional pursuits, information remains somewhat scarce. Nonetheless, her emergence in the public spotlight can be chiefly attributed to her association with the illustrious actor, Paul Walker, whose untimely demise occurred in a tragic vehicular incident on the fateful day of November 30, 2013.

Paul Walker achieved acclaim through his performances in blockbuster cinematic productions such as “The Swift and the Enraged,” “A Dash in Apprehension,” and “Furious 7.” His artistic prowess earned him esteemed honors, notably the MTV Movie Accolade in 2002 and the Teen Choice Commendations in 2015.

Before venturing into the realm of entertainment, Walker embarked on his vocation as a model at an extraordinarily tender age, featuring prominently in a televised advertising campaign for Pampers when he was merely two years old.

In 1991, he culminated his scholastic journey at Village Christian School and subsequently pursued higher education at various community colleges in the Southern Californian region, focusing his studies on the intricate domain of marine biology.

Walker’s odyssey within the cinematic domain took flight in 1986, marked by appearances in low-budget cinematic offerings. As his inherent talent radiated, he garnered a plethora of propositions from a myriad of esteemed directors, culminating in an impressive cinematic oeuvre that encompassed more than 40 distinct cinematic roles. His indelible presence in Wiz Khalifa’s poignant composition, “Behold You Once More,” irrevocably etched his name in the annals of popular culture.

Fashion & Style

In spite of a mere eight-year age disparity between Meadow and herself, jasmine gosnell pilchard  assumed the role of primary caregiver in the wake of Paul’s tragic demise, extending unwavering support to the grieving family.

Upon receiving the heartrending news, Jasmine initially grappled with restraining her emotions but eventually summoned the fortitude to convey the devastating tidings to Meadow Rain Walker. Subsequently, she embraced Meadow’s sorrow, bringing her into her tender care. Presently, she devotes substantial quality time to her grandmother, Theresa Gosnell, who presides over a familial landscaping enterprise situated in Goleta.

Reports indicate that Jasmine availed herself of counseling to grapple with the profound loss of Paul in the Santa Clarita, California, tragedy. During that arduous period, she shared the poignant message “I’m traversing the Streets of Solitude” on her Facebook page. Nevertheless, her close ties endure with Paul’s siblings, Cody and Caleb, as well as with Meadow Rain Walker.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Paul Walker, who played Brian O’Conner in “The Fast and the Furious” series, began acting. His part in “The Young and the Restless,” made him famous in the early 1990s.

“She’s All That” and “Varsity Blues,” his 1999 adolescent-focused films, and his smooth move into the film industry propelled his career. In “The Fast and the Furious” series, he reached his fame peak.

Tragically, Paul Walker’s life was abruptly truncated on November 30, 2013, when the Porsche Carrera GT he occupied careened and erupted into flames on a thoroughfare near Los Angeles. Paul’s companion on that fateful day was his confidant Roger Rodas.

Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard Net Worth 

In the realm of accolades, Jasmine remains an enigma, untouched by noteworthy commendations. Her sources of financial inflow reside shrouded in mystery, with her fiscal standing, as of the zenith of August 2023, approximating a sumptuous $1 million.

In stark contradistinction, her erstwhile paramour, Paul Walker, traversed a triumphant career trajectory that reaped him myriad plaudits. At the juncture of his lamentably premature departure, Paul’s monetary worth loomed impressively, tantamount to an opulent $25 million.

Social media

Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell maintains a limited social media presence, primarily on Facebook, where she has garnered an impressive following of over 18 thousand followers. However, it seems that her Instagram and Twitter accounts are currently inaccessible to the public.

Early Life:On September 26, 1989, in Santa Barbara, California, Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard was born.

Age Difference:Her late boyfriend, Paul Walker, was 16 years older than her.

Relations with Paul Walker:Jasmine and Paul dated from 2006, when she was 16, until Paul’s 2013 death.

Motherly Duty:After Paul died, Jasmine raised Meadow Rain Walker as a surrogate.

Engagement:Jasmine and Paul were engaged, demonstrating their love.

Net worth:Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard’s net worth is projected at $1 million in 2023, while Paul Walker’s was $25 million upon his death.

Family:She has a businessman father, Casey James Gosnell, and a housewife mother, Julie Pilchard. She has two siblings.

Educational Background:Jasmine graduated from a local high school and studied at the University of California, although her major is unknown.

Private Life:Before Paul Walker’s death, Jasmine kept a low profile and avoided media attention.

New Love:Jasmine fell in love with Travis Turpin again after Paul’s death and got engaged in 2017.


Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard’s life was shaped by her romance with Paul Walker and her motherhood of Meadow. Her obstacles were overcome with courage and resilience.


Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard—who?

Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard was Paul Walker’s mother to Meadow.

Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard’s age?

As of September 2023, Jasmine is 33.

Jasmine and Paul Walker started dating when?

Paul was 31 and Jasmine 16, when they started dating in 2006.

Are Jasmine and Paul Walker engaged?

Their relationship included engagement.

How much is Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard worth?

Her estimated net worth is $1 million.

What happened to Paul Walker?

A automobile accident killed Paul Walker on November 30, 2013.

How did Jasmine manage Paul Walker’s death?

She fainted at the news and sought counselling to cope. She also supported Meadow, Paul’s kid.

Parents of Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard?

Father Casey James Gosnell is a businessman, while mother Julie Pilchard is a homemaker.

Jasmine remarried following Paul Walker’s death?

Her love for Travis Turpin led to their 2017 engagement.

Jasmine Gosnell Pilchard and Meadow Rain Walker’s relationship?

They remain close, and Jasmine remains Meadow’s mother.

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