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Actor Scott Gordon Patterson’s ex-wife, Vera Davich, played a big role in his life. They had many romantic moments and life adventures together. But like many couples, they had difficulties along the way, which ultimately resulted in their split and divorce. Even though they parted ways, they will undoubtedly always remember their time spent together.

Vera Davich Bio

America is the country of Vera Davich’s birth.Based on her pictures and the information that she married Scott in the 1980s, she is probably in her 50s. 1958 saw the birth of her ex-husband, Scott Patterson, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The public is still unaware of Vera Davich’s early years and personal life, despite the fact that she attended Haddonfield Memorial High School.

When she tied the knot with Scott. who was then playing baseball. she shot to fame.The two got married in 1983. But they only lasted two years of marriage before divorcing.

Vera Davich was drawn to the spotlight, but she never gave the public access to details about her personal or professional life.

Vera Davich Wiki

IntroductionActor Scott Gordon Patterson’s ex-wife, Vera Davich, played a big role in his life. Despite their split, they shared many romantic moments and adventures together.
BioVera Davich was born in America. She likely entered her 50s considering her marriage in the 1980s. Little is known about her early years and personal life. She attended Haddonfield Memorial High School.
AgeVera Davich’s precise date of birth is unknown, placing her age in her 50s. No details about her body measurements are available.
Height & Body Measurement– Height: 5 feet 5 inches – Weight: 56 kg – Body Size: Will Update – Eye Color: Dark Brown – Hair Color: Dark Brown
Personal LifeVera Davich gained attention after marrying actor Scott Patterson. Following their divorce, she disappeared from the public eye.
Husband, MarriageVera Davich and Scott Patterson married in 1983 but divorced in 1985 due to unspecified reasons. They have no children.
CareerVera Davich’s career remains undisclosed, while Scott Patterson gained fame as an actor, appearing in various films and TV shows.
Net WorthVera Davich’s net worth is unknown. Speculation suggests she received a substantial divorce settlement. Scott Patterson is estimated to be worth $15 million USD.

Vera Davich Education

Although Vera Davich’s graduation from Haddonfield Memorial High School is known, little else about her life before or after graduation is known. After that, though, she seems to remain somewhat enigmatic. Nothing is known about her early years or her post-graduation journey. It’s one of those cases when you wish there was more information available to fill in the blanks, but sadly, none exists.

Vera Davich Age

Since Vera Davich hasn’t provided any information regarding her precise date of birth, it is unknown how old she is.Davich’s body measurements, height, and weight are likewise unavailable.Vera Davich has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Vera Davich Height & Body Measurement

Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight56 kg
Body SizeWill Update
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown

Vera Davich Personal life

Vera Davich became well-known in the public eye and media after she wed American actor Scott Patterson.

Conversely, Scott is a well-known actor who made his screen debut in Castle Rock’s Little Big League in 1993.

He debuted as the main character in the movie Her Best Move and thereafter starred in movies including A Boy Called Hate, High 395, Three Wishes, Rhapsody in Bloom, and Other People’s Children.

Though Patterson’s most well-known roles are as Luke Danes on Gilmore Girls and as Agent Strathm in the Saw movies Saw IV, Saw V, and Saw VI.

Who is Vera Davich’s Ex-husband?

Vera Davich might be unmarried. Scott Patterson was her former spouse. The couple, who are also considered to be high school loves, originally connected in their senior year of high school. In 1983, they got married.

When Scott and Vera Davich separated in 1985, they did not disclose the precise cause of their breakup. When asked during one of the interviews why they had separated, Scott said it was all because of his immaturity.

In reference to Vera Davich and Scott’s offspring, the pair is childless. If someone looks at the couple images of Scott and Vera, they might come back empty-handed. After the divorce, Vera Davich completely disappeared from the media and has since stayed out of the spotlight, making it difficult for us to determine her current relationship status.

However, Scott was fortunate enough to have a love relationship with Kristine Saryan once again. It is reported that the pair has been together since August 2001. But neither Kristine nor Scott have disclosed any specifics about their marriage. In addition, Scott and Kristine have a son named Nicholas Petterson.

Vera Davich Husband, Marriage

In high school, Gordon and Vera Davich first connected. The pair fell deeply in love when they were in high school. Because of their mutual understanding and familiarity, they decided to get married.

They sealed their marriage with vows exchanged in 1983. It’s unclear where they did it or if they did it in front of their family. The American actor’s marriage to his spouse didn’t last very long. In 1985, they came to a divorce settlement. They still don’t know what caused them to break up. Actor Scott claimed in a previous interview that their breakup was the result of their immaturity. Scott Patterson and Vera don’t have any kids.

Vera has avoided the media since being married and getting divorced. She disappeared from the entertainment industry. Information regarding her personal life is not available.

Vera doesn’t use any social networking sites. She keeps to herself. As soon as new information becomes available, it will be added.

Vera Davich Career 

After marrying American actor Scott Patterson, Vera Davich rose to fame in both the public and media. Due to Scott’s numerous television appearances and film roles, both Vera’s and his personal lives have received a great deal of media attention.

Vera never disclosed anything about her career to the public. She does not work in the entertainment industry. Conversely, Scott debuted as an actor in the 1993 movie Little Big League, directed by Castle Rock.

In the movie Her Best Move, he portrayed the lead part. Among Scott’s early motion pictures are The High 395, Other People’s Children, Three Wishes, A Boy Called Hate, Rhapsody in Bloom, and others. After seeing these movies, he didn’t turn around.

Vera Davich Net Worth 

Although we are aware of Scott’s substantial income from his acting profession, we are unaware of the net worth of Vera, his ex-wife and girlfriend. Sources claim that because of the money she got as part of the divorce settlement, she may be leading a luxurious lifestyle. Scott and Vera remained silent in response to this assertion.

We don’t know anything about Davich’s professional background, thus we can’t estimate her income or possessions. Scott is thought to be worth $15 million USD as of January 2024. A seaside property estimated to be worth $5 million USD and a car costing $25,000 USD are among the many luxury possessions owned by the actor.


  1. Vera Davich is the ex-wife of actor Scott Gordon Patterson, known for his role as Luke Danes in the TV series “Gilmore Girls.”
  1. She and Scott Patterson married in 1983 but divorced after two years of marriage, reportedly due to immaturity, according to Scott.
  1. Vera Davich’s personal life, including her early years and career, remains largely undisclosed to the public.
  1. She is believed to have been born in the United States and attended Haddonfield Memorial High School.
  1. Vera Davich and Scott Patterson do not have any children together.
  1. After their divorce, Vera Davich retreated from the public eye and media, maintaining a low profile and avoiding social media.


Vera Davich, former wife of actor Scott Patterson, played a significant role in his life, sharing romantic moments and life adventures together. Their marriage, which began in 1983, ended in divorce after two years. Despite her association with Patterson, little is known about Davich’s personal life, upbringing, or professional endeavors. She maintains a private lifestyle away from the media spotlight.


Who is Vera Davich?

Vera Davich is the ex-wife of actor Scott Patterson, known for his role as Luke Danes in “Gilmore Girls.”

When did Vera Davich and Scott Patterson get married?

They got married in 1983 but divorced after two years, in 1985.

Do Vera Davich and Scott Patterson have children together?

No, they do not have any children together.

What is known about Vera Davich’s personal life?

Very little is known about Vera Davich’s personal life, as she has maintained a low profile and avoided media attention since her divorce from Scott Patterson.

Does Vera Davich have a career in the entertainment industry?

There is no public information available about Vera Davich’s career, and it’s uncertain if she works in the entertainment industry.

What is Vera Davich’s current relationship status?

Vera Davich’s current relationship status is unknown as she has kept her personal life private and away from the public eye.

What is Vera Davich’s net worth?

Vera Davich’s net worth is not publicly known, and details about her financial status remain undisclosed.

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