Charleston White Net Worth

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Charleston White net worth stands at about $1.5 million. He’s an American social media influencer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur hailing from Texas. Charleston shot to fame by sharing distinctive content on various social media platforms.

Thanks to his outstanding content, Charleston gained widespread recognition throughout the country. Following his social media success, he ventured into the world of YouTube in April 2020. There, he began uploading his videos and quickly attracted over 200,000 subscribers.

Before this, Charleston White had a different path in life. He was once a member of a Texas gang and spent nearly a decade behind bars due to some significant youthful transgressions. However, he has since transformed his life, sharing his story and some controversial ideas on social media. Today, he goes by the title of CEO and founder of (HYPE) Helping Young People Excel.

Charleston White Bio & Wiki

Charleston White was born on March 8, 1970, amid a challenging family that led to his early gang membership. Sadly, he found himself in a dangerous circumstance, faced murder charges, and received a 12-year jail term.

White had a deep spiritual awakening when he was confined, which inspired him to make life changes and realize his gift for motivational speaking. In 1992, after being released from prison, he embarked on a career in comedy. His sharp and often provocative commentary quickly garnered him popularity.

In addition to his success in comedy, White has made a name for himself as a prominent YouTuber. His channel, known as “The Real Charleston White,” boasts over 216,000 subscribers. Through this platform, he engages in discussions covering a wide range of topics, including race, politics, and social justice.

NameCharleston White
Net Worth$1.5 Million
Age52 years old
Date Of Birth1970
Birth PlaceTexas, United States
Annual Income$200,000
ProfessionYouTuber, Motivational Speaker

Charleston White Education

In his educational journey, Charleston White attended schools within the Fort Worth Independent School District. He reached a significant milestone by graduating from Eastern Hills High School in 1988. Following his high school graduation, White continued his pursuit of knowledge at Tarrant County College, focusing his studies on the field of criminal justice.

Charleston White Career

Charleston was heavily involved in several illegal activities while he had this affiliation. At that point, he wanted to lead his own gang and was prepared to go to any lengths to achieve that goal, including robberies and assaults.

As a young person, he held the misguided belief that committing crimes against white individuals was somehow justified, influenced by the historical oppression faced by Africans.

One particular incident unfolded when he ran away from home, taking shelter at a friend’s parents’ place at the tender age of 14. To make ends meet, he and his friends resorted to theft, which brings us to the events at a local store, “Foot Locker.”

While attempting to flee from the store with an athletic jacket, a man bravely intervened to halt Charleston and his companions. With one of his friends carrying a weapon at the time, a violent encounter ensued as they struck the white man who tried to stop them. This incident led to Charleston and his associates becoming the first juveniles in the United States to face sentencing under the Texas Determining Sentence Law for murder.

Charleston White Height, Weight & More

Charleston White stands at a height of 6 feet and maintains a weight of approximately 70 kilograms. His body measurements come in at 36-30-34 inches, with biceps measuring 13 inches. Wearing a size 9 (US) shoe, he has black hair and captivating brown eyes. Notably, Charleston is recognized for his muscular physique and a distinctive, commanding voice.

Charleston White Wife & Kids

Charleston White is happily married to Tanya White, and they share the joy of parenthood with two children, a son and a daughter. Notably, White shares a close friendship with the comedian Lil Duval, who is also an American comic sensation.

As for White’s family background, we currently lack information about his parents. However, if any details about his family come to light, we’ll be sure to provide them promptly.

Early Arrests

The absence of a positive role model in his life led Charleston White down a troublesome path, eventually leading him to join his local Crips affiliation, setting him on a dark and destructive trajectory. He engaged in a range of illegal crimes as a gang member, from assault to robbery.

At the tender age of 14, White fled his family and took sanctuary in the house of one of his associates’ parents. He and his companion turned to larceny at this time, grabbing everything they could get their hands on covertly.

Tragically, a fateful incident occurred when Charleston and his friend attempted to escape from a store with a stolen jacket. A confrontation with a white man trying to stop them escalated, resulting in Charleston taking a tragic step by shooting and killing the man.

More Legal Issues

Following the heinous crime he committed, Charleston White and his friend became the first juveniles in the county to face sentencing under The Texas Determining Sentence Law. He was placed in a Texas Youth Council detention at the State school when he was only 14 years old, and he would stay there for the next four years. It was time to move him to an adult detention center as he got closer to turning eighteen.

Still, something changed for the better in his situation. The presiding judge chose to deviate from the state’s recommendation to transfer White to an adult facility. Instead, they sided with the members of Giddings who believed in his potential for rehabilitation.

As a result, White was returned to a state school, where he dedicated himself to learning accountability and taking responsibility for his actions. During this period, Charleston developed his moral compass and honed his ability to empathize with others. He actively participated in group therapy, working on channeling his anger into more constructive outlets.

After serving a total of 7 years behind bars, White was granted his release at the age of 21, marking a pivotal moment in his journey of transformation.

Life in Prison

Following his release from prison, Charleston White unfortunately found himself entangled in a risky environment once again and started trafficking drugs. His involvement in these illicit activities eventually led to his apprehension in Oklahoma while attempting to transport 10 pounds of marijuana.

In the legal battle that ensued, White managed to secure a mistrial. Subsequently, he faced a pivotal choice: serve a six-month sentence in a prison boot camp or opt for a five-year deferred probation period. He picked the latter choice, completely dedicated to make a good difference in his life once again.

He returned to school and studied pre-law at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, his birthplace, to improve his life. He worked hard at the institution to get a Bachelor of Criminal Justice.

Charleston White Net Worth

Despite facing numerous challenges, Charleston White has managed to build a successful career that brings in a substantial income. His revenues come from different sources, including his YouTube channel, entrepreneurial projects, and other commercial initiatives.

As of 2023, Charleston White’s projected net worth is at roughly $1.5 million. His quest to success started following his release from jail, and he’s become one of the most committed and known men in the nation, notably in the subject of inspiration.

White’s principal sources of revenue are his clothing line, motivational speaking engagements, and the stuff he publishes on his YouTube channel. Annually, he rakes in over $200,000, a monument to his hard work and devotion to his multiple professional activities.


Charleston White has made significant progress from his difficult childhood and tumultuous history as a gang member in Texas. His journey from incarceration to transformation demonstrates his resilience and determination to turn his life around. He is a businessman, motivational speaker, and YouTuber in addition to telling his tale. His 2023 predicted net worth is $1.5 million.

Charleston White’s influence goes beyond social media since he discusses politics, social justice, and racism. He’s been successful in comedy as well, and with over 216,000 followers on his YouTube channel, “The Real Charleston White,” he has a sizable fan base.

His commitment to his several business pursuits, which include his clothing line, speaking engagements, and internet material, is evident in his over $200,000 yearly revenue. Charleston White’s story is a motivational tale of personal development and change, demonstrating that one can triumph over hardship and reach achievement by making the correct decisions and being resolute.

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