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Jason Weaver Net Worth, Age, Height, Biography, Parents, And More

Jason Weaver is a famous actor and singer in the United States. He’s earned a hefty net worth of over $4 million. Throughout his long and successful career, he’s become a well-known figure, both for his acting skills and his singing talent. He’s been in a bunch of movies and TV shows that have made him a household name.

Especially in the early 90s and later in the 2000s, he was in some really popular shows like “Smart Guy,” “Thea,” and “The Jackson’s: An American Dream.”

When it comes to singing, Jason Weaver has a voice that’s incredibly soothing. He first gained major attention for providing the singing voice for Simba in Disney’s “The Lion King” in 1994. After that, he kept on doing great work in both singing and acting, achieving big success in both areas.

What is Jason Weaver net worth and salary?

American musician and actor Jason Weaver is estimated to be worth $4 million. Beginning his acting career in the early nineties, he appeared in films such as Brewster Place, The Long Walk Home, The Jacksons: An American Dream, and The Kid Who Loved Christmas. Following that, he continued to secure roles in TV series and films. Among his best-known songs are “Sister, Sister,” “Freedom Song,” “Drumline,” “The Ladykillers,” “ATL,” “Jada,” “Love for Sale,” “Lottery Ticket,” “The LeBrons,” “He’s Mine Not Yours,” as well as “Dysfunctional Friends.”

Jason is well known for his appearances in “Thea” and “Smart Guy,” as well as for providing Simba’s singing voice in “The Lion King.” He even put out the “Love Ambition” album in 1995 and the “Stay With Me” EP, which was a shorter record, the following year. Additionally, he collaborated with Chingy on the well-known song “One Call Away.”

Lion King Salary/Earnings

Jason Weaver told VladTV in October 2019 that he turned down $2 million for The Lion King. That would be $3.5 million now, adjusted for inflation.

Instead, he took $100,000 upfront and a percentage of song and movie proceeds. He says this was a smart option because he still gets paid from it after many years and has made much more than the $2 million offer.

A million dollars invested in the S&P 500 in 1994 (allowing for taxes and dividends) would currently be worth about nine million dollars.

Jason Weaver Assets

American celebrity Jason Weaver has spent most of his career in entertainment. He’s successful and wealthy, owning real estate across the country. He has a magnificent Los Angeles and Chicago home.

When it comes to cars, Jason Weaver has quite a collection. He enjoys gathering cars for enjoyment and often takes the wheel himself. His collection includes a Subaru, a Lexus, an Audi, and even some more unique and exotic cars.

Jason Weaver Biography

Jason Michael Weaver was born in Chicago, Illinois, on July 18, 1979. He was raised in Chicago by his parents. His mother, Marilyn Haywood, was a great vocalist. Kitty & the Haywoods, a Chicago female vocal group, featured her.

Jason showed an interest in singing from a very young age, but he also had a strong passion for acting, which he eventually prioritized. He tends to keep his personal and early life quite private, so not much is widely known.

He started working after graduating from Thornwood High School. Jaylen Weaver is his son with Myra Weaver.


Jason Weaver attended Illiana Christian High School in Lansing, Illinois, and later transferred to Thornwood High School in South Holland, Illinois, after his mother decided to make the change. He kickstarted his career in 1990 on Oprah Winfrey’s TV series called “Brewster Place.”

In 1992, he portrayed the young Michael Jackson in “The Jacksons: An American Dream” and lent his voice to Simba in the 1994 animated classic “The Lion King.” He also voiced Ollie the Squirrel in “Nubbin & Friends.”

Weaver took on lead roles in the sitcoms “Smart Guy” and “Thea” for television. His big-screen debut came in the 2002 movie “Drumline,” where he starred alongside Nick Cannon. He later appeared in films like “The Ladykillers” in 2004 and “ATL” in 2006.

In 2011, he co-starred in the film “He’s Mine, Not Yours.” His filmography also includes titles like “The Long Walk Home” (1990), “The Kid Who Loved Christmas,” “Ernie,” “Summertime Switch,” “Freedom Song,” and “Love For Sale.”

Furthermore, he’s been featured in movies such as “Grown Man,” “Lottery Ticket,” “Dysfunctional,” “Hope for Love,” “Marry Me for Christmas,” “Infidelity,” “Merry Ex-Mas,” “Another Man Will,” “BlacKorea,” and “AM Radio,” among others.

Music Career

Jason Weaver voiced Simba in “The Lion King” and sang for a young Michael Jackson in “The Jacksons: An American Dream.” His 1995 Motown Records album “Jason Weaver” was his first.

He recorded two versions of “Stay With Me.” He collaborated with hip-hop musician Chingy on “One Call Away,” which reached #5 on the US singles chart in 2003.

In 2004, he appeared in “One Call Away” and its music video with other musicians. He later made cameos in Crime Mob’s “Rock Yo Hips” and The Dream’s “Makeup Bag” music videos.


Jason Weaver grew up in Chicago, where he attended Thornwood High School for his education. After graduating, he pursued a career as both an actor and a singer. It didn’t take long for him to achieve global recognition for his talents.

Final Words

Through his acting and singing careers, Jason Weaver has earned nearly $4 million. From his early appearances in “Smart Guy” and “Thea” to his singing voice for Simba in Disney’s “The Lion King,” Weaver has made an everlasting stamp on popular culture. He built his money by making wise financial decisions, like turning down “The Lion King,” a lucrative offer. Weaver’s diversified work shows his passion of music and acting beyond his career. As a real estate investor and auto collector, he appreciates his success. Jason Weaver’s rise from a young kid to an entertainment industry star is a credit to his talent, perseverance, and commercial acumen.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q: Who is Jason Weaver?

A: American actor and singer Jason Weaver is famous. He was known for his parts in “Smart Guy” and “Thea,” and for singing Simba in Disney’s “The Lion King.”

Q: What is Jason Weaver net worth?

A: Jason Weaver net worth is over $4 million. He has accumulated this wealth through his successful career in acting and singing.

Q: What are some of Jason Weaver’s notable works?

A: Jason Weaver has been a part of various successful projects. He starred in “Smart Guy” and “Thea,” and sang Simba in “The Lion King.” His films include “Drumline,” “The Ladykillers,” and “ATL.”

Q: How did Jason Weaver handle his earnings from “The Lion King”?

A: Jason Weaver took $100,000 upfront and a share of song and movie revenues for his role in “The Lion King,” instead of $2 million. His long-term earnings prove this was a good choice.

Q: What is Jason Weaver’s musical background?

A: Jason Weaver has a strong musical background. He released an album in 1995 and collaborated with artists like Chingy on the hit song “One Call Away.”

Q: What are some of Jason Weaver’s personal interests?

A: Jason Weaver loves real estate and owns homes nationwide. He likes collecting Subaru, Lexus, and Audi automobiles.

Q: Where did Jason Weaver grow up and go to school?

A: Jason Weaver grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and attended Thornwood High School. He later pursued a career in acting and singing, quickly gaining recognition for his talents.

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