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Chloe Fineman is a widely recognized comedian, talented impressionist, and accomplished actor hailing from the United States. She catapulted to stardom through her appearances on the renowned show “Saturday Night Live.” Since her induction into the “SNL” cast in 2019, Chloe has garnered significant attention and acclaim for her exceptional impressions of various public figures and celebrities. This article aims to shed light on Chloe Fineman’s current relationship status.

Quick facts about Chloe fineman boyfriend

Real NameChloe Rose Fineman
Birth Date20 July 1988
Age (as of 2022)33 Years
Birth PlaceAlameda County, California, U.S.
ProfessionActress, Writer, Comedian
Height5’ 8”
Weight58 kg
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorBlue
Body TypeSlim
FatherDavid Fineman
MotherEllen Gunn
SisterEmma Fineman, Alexia “Leka” Fineman

Early Life

Chloe Fineman, born on July 20, 1988, is the daughter of David Fineman, a biotechnology executive, and Ellen Gunn, a painter. She spent her childhood alongside her sisters, visual artist Emma, and CrossFit athlete Alexia (Leka), in Piedmont, California. During her upbringing, Chloe attended Camp Kee Tov, a Jewish camp at Congregation Beth El in Berkeley.After graduating from Piedmont High School in 2006, she studied at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and Stella Adler Studio in 2011. Her school acting teacher, Kim Taylor, praised her comic and drama skills.

Chloe Fineman Career

After completing her college education, Chloe Fineman made a significant move to Los Angeles, where she delved into the entertainment scene. She showcased her comedic talents as part of The Groundlings troupe’s Sunday Company and also participated in “Characters Welcome” at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. She was awarded a “New Face” at Montreal’s 2018 Just for Laughs festival and nominated for a 2019 Shorty Award for Best Comedian.

On September 12, 2019, she became a featured player on “Saturday Night Live,” the long-running NBC sketch comedy show. 

Chloe posts celebrity impressions, Groundlings video, and stand-up comedy routines on Instagram and YouTube. The Shorty Awards said her “absolutely one of the most talented new performers right now, and she’s long overdue for a break.”

Chloe’s career flourished after appearing on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” in December 2020. She moved from Los Angeles to New York City in October when “Saturday Night Live” started. In addition to the praise and love she receives on her social media platforms, where fans adore her portrayals like Nicole Kidman in “The Undoing,” Chloe collaborated with the Prisoner Wine Company to support the hospitality industry in NYC by encouraging people to order from some of her favorite restaurants. Furthermore, Chloe recently featured in the movie “Father of the Bride,” where her supporting role garnered acclaim.

Personal Life

Chloe Fineman is happily married to Casey Thomas Brown. The couple’s journey to matrimony faced some unexpected twists due to the pandemic shutdowns. Chloe took to social media to share her wedding plans with her fans after the original arrangements were disrupted. In 2020, she made an intriguing announcement that she intended to live-stream her wedding to Casey Thomas Brown, a revelation that initially appeared like a prank. Chloe Fineman is among the more interactive celebrities who enjoy keeping her fans informed about her day-to-day experiences.

Her online presence is considerable, with 441,000 Instagram followers and 32,400 Twitter followers. Chloe shares intimate experiences and updates with her fans beyond appearances.

Quarantine with a Boyfriend Was Rom-Com for Chloe Fineman

In 2022, Chloe Fineman opened up about her romantic life, revealing that she had been in a relationship since 2019. She candidly discussed her experiences with Refinery29, sharing that she and her boyfriend spent the challenging lockdown period together. What started as a trying time eventually transformed into something akin to a heartwarming romantic comedy.

Like many couples during lockdown, Chloe and her boyfriend had their fair share of disagreements. In a lighthearted manner, she admitted that she would playfully threaten to take away their toaster whenever they had quarrels. The toaster held a special place in her daily routine, with one in her New York apartment and another in Los Angeles, her boyfriend’s hometown. This quirky detail adds a touch of humor and charm to their relationship story.

Chloe Fineman’s Boyfriend Is Her Critic

Chloe Fineman and her boyfriend have a refreshingly candid approach to their relationship. From the very beginning, they prioritized honesty, even when it came to critiquing each other’s personal style. Chloe fondly recounted how her boyfriend playfully questioned her penchant for buying collared shirts, jokingly saying, “Another puffy sleeve?”

Since their relationship began, Chloe’s fashion sense has evolved, and she now finds herself embracing Dickies. She humorously shared a pandemic escapade where she tried Botox through a Groupon deal, which didn’t go as planned. Instead of confiding in her boyfriend about the mishap, she decided to keep it to herself, fearing his reaction.

Chloe’s adventurous spirit extended to her hair, where she once opted for a short, rose gold hairstyle that didn’t quite work out. She had to resort to extensions, but her boyfriend didn’t hold back in expressing his thoughts, remarking that she “felt like a doll.”

In 2022, Chloe gained considerable attention for her parody ad of Nicole Kidman’s AMC commercial on “SNL.” While her fans loved the sketch, she humorously revealed that her boyfriend was not a fan of that particular bit. This glimpse into their relationship showcases their openness and playful dynamic.

Chloe fineman Fake wedding 

Chloe Fineman and Casey Thomas Brown share a close and delightful relationship. Their bond as best friends has attracted significant media attention and adoration. The duo made quite a splash on the internet when they staged a playful fake wedding ceremony.

Chloe enthusiastically took to Instagram on March 22, 2020, to share the news, stating, “Tomorrow I’m gonna marry my best friend and the love of my life @shartyparty69 on Instagram live.” This announcement left fans both amused and puzzled, unsure if it was a jest or an actual plan. Consequently, numerous sources reached out to Chloe and her manager to clarify the situation.

In an interview with Vulture, Chloe explained that she and her best buddy were having fun. Casey is openly gay, and their connection is warm and supportive.

Chloe Fineman’s Boyfriend Didn’t Mind Her Fake Wedding

Fineman’s boyfriend plays a supportive role in her comedy career. While he offers honest feedback, he also admires many of her sketches. During the lockdown boredom, Chloe Fineman decided to stage a mock wedding between herself and her friend Casey Thomas Brown. Reflecting on her partner’s response, she humorously shared, “He rolled his eyes. He was happy I finally had something to do.”

The comedian also shared her thoughts on her “SNL” co-star Pete Davidson, acknowledging why he has a strong appeal to many. She described Davidson as a genuinely charming guy, saying, “I find him deeply charming.”

Chloe Fineman Net Worth

As of 2020, Chloe Fineman boasts a net worth of $1.5 million. Saturday Night Live newcomers get $7,000 per episode in their first year. Her fame has likely increased her net worth each year.. Additionally, she supplements her income through product endorsements, leveraging her social media presence for such opportunities.


Question: Do you know who Chloe Fineman is currently dating?

Answer: Chloe Fineman is dating Casey Thomas Brown.

Question: Can you tell me how long Chloe Fineman and Casey Thomas Brown have been in a relationship?

Answer: Chloe Fineman and Casey Thomas Brown have been dating since 2019.

Question: What is Casey Thomas Brown’s profession or occupation?

Answer: Casey Thomas Brown is an actor.

Question: Have Chloe Fineman and Casey Thomas Brown tied the knot?

Answer: Chloe Fineman and Casey Thomas Brown are not married; they had a fake wedding ceremony in 2020.

Question: Do you know how Chloe Fineman and Casey Thomas Brown first met?

Answer: Chloe Fineman and Casey Thomas Brown’s exact meeting story isn’t widely known.

Question: How have fans and the public reacted to Chloe Fineman’s relationship with Casey Thomas Brown?

Answer: Chloe Fineman’s relationship with Casey Thomas Brown has garnered media attention and curiosity.

Question: Have Chloe Fineman and Casey Thomas Brown worked together on comedy projects?

Answer: There’s no widely known information about their collaboration on comedy projects.

Question: Has Casey Thomas Brown ever made an appearance on Saturday Night Live with Chloe Fineman?

Answer: There’s no information available about Casey Thomas Brown appearing on Saturday Night Live.


As a result, Chloe Fineman, the great comedian and actress known for her “Saturday Night Live” impressions, and her partner, Casey Thomas Brown, are loving and supportive. Their romance began in 2019 and survived the pandemic lockdown. Sharing their life, they embrace laughter and lighthearted times.

As she becomes more famous, Chloe’s net worth grows. Her social media following and comic skills have made her a popular entertainment personality.

Despite funny stories like Chloe’s toaster threat, the couple stays together. Actor Casey Thomas Brown gives Chloe constructive criticism and supports her comedy career.

Chloe Fineman’s relationship with Casey Thomas Brown brings her happiness and balance while her career grows.up.

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