Justin Chien Wife

Justin Chien Wife: Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Height, Early Life, Movies & More Information

In the entertainment industry, Justin Chien has been breaking new ground since 2015. He’s only 26 years old, yet already at this point he’s quite the actor, producer, and writer, making his imprint on large and small screens alike. Together, we will explore Justin’s life story, including his modest upbringing, interesting trivia, and some conjecture regarding his future plans.

Justin Chien Wife

Even with his growing wealth and notoriety, Justin Chien is secretive about his love life. Nothing has been said about him getting married or even being in a relationship right now.

Justin chooses to keep his personal matters quiet despite his fame and increasing fortune, suggesting that he prefers a low-key existence. Fans are now curious as to whether he is married and whether there is a particular someone in the wings.

Justin’s already fascinating persona is made much more intriguing by the mystery surrounding his romantic past. His admirers can’t wait to learn more about this mysterious side of his life.

Who is Justin Chien

Justin Chien, a Taiwanese-American talent, has carved out a niche for himself in the entertainment industry with his memorable performances. One of his standout roles is as Charles Sun, a Taiwanese mobster, in the hit Netflix series “The Brothers Sun,” which premiered on January 4, 2024.

But Justin’s acting prowess extends beyond the small screen. He’s also made waves in the world of short films, starring in projects like “Continuum,” “Fine China,” and “Endless Yesterdays.” His stellar performances in these films even earned him nods at the Chinese American Film Festival.


NameJustin Chien
ProfessionActor, Producer, Writer
Age26 Years
Net Worth$1.5 Million (Estimated)
Source of IncomeActing, Script Writing, Producer
Height6’ 0” (1.80m)
Weight163 pounds (74 kg)
Skin ToneFair
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack
BirthplaceTaiwan, China
FamilyFather – Carl Chien (Businessman), Mother – Virginia Hu, Siblings – Darren (Brother), Christen (Sister), Fred (Brother)
Relationship StatusSingle

Justin Chien’s Early Life & Background

Justin Chien, at 26, is making waves in 2024. Born in the USA in 1998, the specifics of his birthplace and date remain a bit of a mystery to the public.

However, given his impending casting as Charles Sun in “The Brothers Sun,” it’s probable that we’ll learn more about his early life shortly.

Regarding his training, Justin is happy to have graduated from the USC School of Dramatic Arts, which is evidence of his commitment to his profession.

Justin Chien Family Background

In our quest for more insight into Justin Chien’s background, we uncovered some intriguing details about his family. Justin is the son of Carl Chien, a notable Taiwanese businessman, and his mother, Virginia (Ginny) Hu.

His father, Carl Chien, holds a prominent position as the Vice Chairperson of Asia Pacific at J.P. Morgan, where he’s also a key member of the Asia Pacific Management Committee. Carl’s role involves nurturing client relationships across 17 markets in the region, alongside serving as the CEO for J.P. Morgan Taiwan.

Justin shares his upbringing with two siblings, Darren and Fred Chien Jr. Their family tree branches out further, including his uncle, Carol Chien.

On his paternal side, Justin’s lineage boasts impressive names, with his grandparents, Fredrick F. Chien and Julie Tien, making significant contributions to Taiwanese diplomacy and politics. Fredrick served as the President of the Republic of China Control Yuan from 1999 to 2005.

Delving deeper, Justin’s great-grandparents, Chien Shih-Liang and Chang Wan-tu, add to the family’s storied history. Notably, his paternal great-grandfather, Chien Hong-ye, held the esteemed position of Chief Justice in the Supreme Court of China until his tragic assassination in 1940.

Justin Chien Personal Background

Justin Chien, born in 1998 in Taiwan, China, embraces his Chinese-American heritage. His family is at the core of his identity, with his father, Carl Chien, making his mark as a businessman, and his mother, Virginia Hu, playing an essential role in shaping Justin’s journey.

Growing up alongside his siblings Darren, Christen, and Fred, family bonds run deep in Justin’s life, grounding him in a strong sense of belonging and support.

Justin Chien Career

Justin Chien’s career in the entertainment industry has taken a rapid turn after making his breakthrough in 2015. He has shown off his many talents by taking the helm as a director and producer in addition to performing. Justin’s versatility is evident from his excellent resume of 13 films and TV shows, which includes notable hits like “Continuum” (2018) and “Fine China” (2020).

That being said, he has no intention of slowing down. He is anticipated to reach even greater heights and solidify his position as one of the greatest in the industry with his upcoming TV series, “The Brothers Sun” (2024).

Justin Chien Actor

In the TV series “The Brothers Sun” (2024), Justin Chien commanded the screen as Charles Sun throughout 8 gripping episodes. His versatility shines through in other roles too, like portraying Horace in “Sun Moon” (2023), where he wowed audiences with an impressive 8.9 rating in the short film “Kodama” (2023).

Acting prowess has been on display for Justin in a number of projects, such as “Two Sides: Unfaithful” (2021) and “Disney Television Discovers: Talent Showcase” (2021), in which he played Mikey for 12 intense episodes.

His outstanding performances in short films such as “Pool Boy” (2021), “Summer Soundtrack” (2020), and “Number 2” (2019) further highlight his versatility as an actor. These performances should not be overlooked.

Justin Chien Awards

Although Justin Chien hasn’t snagged any awards just yet, his talent has definitely caught the industry’s attention. He earned nominations for the Golden Angel Award for Best Short Film in 2018 for “Continuum” and the HBO APA Visionaries for Best Short in 2020 for “Fine China.” These nods highlight his potential for future recognition, showing that he’s definitely one to watch out for in the awards circuit.

Justin Chien Physical Stats

With a towering height of 6 feet and a solid weight of 163 pounds, Justin Chien commands attention wherever he goes. His fair complexion, striking brown eyes, and sleek black hair only enhance his natural charisma, making him a magnetic presence in any room.

Justin Chien Net Worth

Justin Chien’s career in the entertainment sector is predicted to propel him to become a multimillionaire by 2024. But his revenue doesn’t stop there; he also makes a little additional money from endorsements and modeling assignments.

Living the high life, Justin savors the rewards of his hard work and success. He now calls Los Angeles home, gliding around the city’s streets in his svelte BMW to infuse a little glitz into his daily existence. It is very evident that Justin is living each minute of his ambitions to the fullest and not merely chasing them.


  • Justin Chien is a Taiwanese-American actor, producer, and writer who has gained prominence in the entertainment industry since 2015.
  • He is 26 years old, born in 1998 in Taiwan, China, but raised in the United States.
  • Justin has established himself as a versatile talent, appearing in various movies and TV series, including “The Brothers Sun,” “Continuum,” and “Fine China.”
  • He comes from a successful family background, with his father, Carl Chien, holding a prominent position at J.P. Morgan, and his mother, Virginia Hu, playing an integral role in his life.
  • Justin’s net worth is estimated to reach $1 million by 2024, with his primary source of income being his work in the entertainment industry.


Justin Chien is a rising star in the entertainment world, known for his talent as an actor, producer, and writer. Despite his young age, he has already achieved significant success and recognition for his work. Born in Taiwan, China, Justin’s family moved to the United States where he pursued his career in acting. With several notable projects under his belt and a promising future ahead, Justin’s journey in the entertainment industry is one to watch.


  1. Is Justin Chien married?

As of now, Justin Chien has not made any public announcements regarding his marital status or relationships.

  1. What is Justin Chien’s net worth?

Justin Chien’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of 2024.

  1. What are some notable projects Justin Chien has been involved in?

Some of Justin Chien’s notable projects include “The Brothers Sun,” “Continuum,” “Fine China,” and various short films and TV series.

  1. Where is Justin Chien from?

Justin Chien was born in Taiwan, China, but was raised in the United States.

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