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American novelist Rachel Jeffs gained notoriety for her valiant escape from the FLDS’ (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) repressive and patriarchal control. In her 2017 book, which details her horrific journey, she describes how she was able to flee the violence of her own father and the nightmare lifestyle of the cult.

Rachel was raised in a neighborhood that functioned beyond the confines of federal law. She was born in Colorado City, Arizona. She had to go through terrible tribulations because of the closely regulated, clandestine environment in which she was reared.

Rachel has established herself in Idaho with her five children, two loving pets, and own home. She is strong and confident in her mid-30s. Her blonde hair flashes with the brightness of her just gained freedom. The perseverance of the human spirit to pursue a life of hope and healing in the midst of hardship is shown through Rachel’s narrative.

Rachel Jeffs Bio

Jeff had her roots firmly planted in Sacramento, California, within the United States. She proudly identifies as an American, carrying the heritage of the Caucasian white ethnic group.

In the present, Jeffs finds herself in the spotlight as a prominent figure on the reality show “Escaping Polygamy.” While her television career is thriving, she also enjoys a harmonious and fulfilling married life, balancing her personal and professional endeavors with grace and poise.

Rachel Jeffs Education

Only the eighth grade of Rachel’s schooling was completed inside the framework of the church-run educational system. Although the education she had was by no means great, it provided her with the knowledge she needed to start instructing third graders.

But Rachel made a decision in Montana that would change the path of her life. She was conscious of the limits of her former education and sought a more comprehensive education. She took it upon herself to get a high school equivalency credential because she wanted to extend her horizons. She reached this important milestone with steadfast effort, which opened the door to further study.

After receiving her high school equivalency, Rachel started her college career, showcasing her tenacity and dedication to growth. Her experience shows that with pure persistence and hard effort, anybody can overcome obstacles in their educational journey and follow their aspirations.

Rachel Jeffs Ex- Husband

Her life changed when her father decided she should marry Richard Allred, a twice-married man, when Rachel was 15. Rachel was 18 and her future husband was 25 when they married in Eldorado, Texas.

Three girls and two boys, born to Rachel and Richard during this union, entered their lives. But when it comes to her family, especially her kids, Rachel is noticeably secretive. She chooses to keep this element of her life well-guarded and treasured, and she seldom ever divulges facts about them to the public.

Rachel Jeffs Marriage With Brandon Blackmore

Rachel Jeffs and her husband, Brandon Blackmore, exchanged vows on a beautiful day, September 29, 2017. They celebrated their union surrounded by a host of friends and loved ones at the enchanting “The MacArthur” venue on S Park View St in Los Angeles, California.

Their love story has continued to flourish since that special day, and they’ve built a life together filled with happiness and cherished moments. As they approach their fourth wedding anniversary on September 29, 2021, Mr. and Mrs. Blackmore are undoubtedly looking forward to commemorating another year of love and togetherness.

Rachel Jeffs Family Background

Rachel Jeffs, the daughter of Warren Steed Jeffs and Gloria Barlow, is deeply connected to her family’s history. She also shares a bond with her late brother, Roy Jeffs (1992-2019), who undoubtedly played an important role in her life. Childhood friends like Becky Jeffs have added precious memories to her journey.

Delving into her family’s past, Rachel’s lineage traces back to Rulon Jeffs (1909-2002) and Merilyn Steed, making her their granddaughter. Rulon Jeffs is a fascinating figure in his own right; he was a man of remarkable complexity, having been married to a staggering twenty women and fathering an astonishing sixty children. The intricacies of her family tree are indeed intriguing to explore.

Best known As Warren Jeffs Daughter

The relationship between Rachel Jeffs and her father, Warren Jeffs, is what first made her famous. After his grandpa passed away, Warren’s father took over as FLDS Church President, which marked the beginning of Warren’s rise to prominence. Warren has, astonishingly, been the leader of the church since 1986, influencing the lives of numerous devotees.

Adding another layer to this intricate family tree, Rachel’s father, Warren, has a staggering 87 spouses, many of whom are seeking support from former church members. Among this extensive list, his mother, Gloria, is indeed mentioned as one of his many marriages. The family tree further branches out with names like Brent W. Jeffs, Clayne Jeffs, and David Jeffs, among others, who are among Warren’s forty-seven offspring. The complexities of their family history are truly astonishing.

Rachel Jeffs Book

Rachel’s book served as a powerful window into the inner workings of the FLDS, offering insight into the tumultuous times during and after her father’s conviction and imprisonment. Within the FLDS, her father’s status as the prophet still holds immense sway over his devoted followers, despite his incarceration. However, outside the confines of the sect, Rachel has chosen to share her experiences with those eager to learn.

She maintains an active blog, a platform where she not only discusses her current life but also encourages others to seek help when needed. She gave a moving message in a touching post from September 2020: “Don’t let someone else decide how your life will go. Refuse to allow fear to influence your decisions because once you are free of its terrifying grip, life will move quickly and you’ll be scrambling to keep up. For those trapped in abusive or controlling situations, remember that the strength to break free resides within you. Embrace your freedom, find happiness, and embark on your own accelerated journey through life.” Rachel’s words resonate as a beacon of hope and empowerment for those seeking liberation from oppressive circumstances.

Rachel Jeffs Net Worth

With her reputation as a savvy entrepreneur solidified, Rachel Jeffs now earns a respectable $80,000 annually. Her projected net worth of around $600,000 as of 2021 reflects her accomplishment in business.

A big objective was achieved by Rachel when her first book, “Breaking Free: How I Escaped Polygamy, the FLDS Cult, and My Father, Warren Jeffs,” was released on November 14, 2017. The price of this compelling book is presently $10.69, but customers may choose to upgrade to the hardcover version for $1.99, the audiobook, or the Kindle edition for $8.07 instead.

Because of her writing, Rachel may be compared to other well-known authors who have also significantly improved literature, such Jane Mayer and Martha McPhee.

In 2017 Rachel appeared on “Megyn Kelly Today,” an American news talk program, in addition to her writing profession. Furthermore, in 2018, she co-starred alongside Mike Watkiss in “Warren Jeffs Prophet of Evil,” a biographical TV movie that shed light on the dark aspects of her family’s history and the FLDS cult. Rachel’s diverse ventures illustrate her resilience and determination to share her story and make a difference in the world.

Where Is Rachel Jeffs Now?

In North Idaho, where they live with their expanding family, Rachel Jeffs and her husband Brandon have carved out a life of their own. After leaving the FLDS sect, the couple—who together have five children—has been able to create a joyful and satisfying life.

Their family recently welcomed their tenth child, adding even more joy and energy to their bustling household. Rachel’s children from her previous marriage to Allred have grown into content individuals, a far cry from the challenging upbringing they experienced within the cult.

The Jeffs have a dog as well as human family members, and the dog has a particular soft spot for the family’s newest member. Rachel is still very motivated to assist her brothers and other FLDS members in achieving freedom. Her Facebook and Twitter feeds are inundated with words of thanks and support for those who had the fortitude to flee such an oppressive environment.

Rachel continues to share snippets of her family’s life throughout the quarantine while still finding time to pursue her love for playing the violin. Overall, her path has been extraordinary, and she is still committed to encouraging and motivating people to break free and create their own lives, just as she has.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who is Rachel Jeffs?

Famed American novelist Rachel Jeffs escaped the FLDS, a harsh and patriarchal sect. Her 2017 memoir “Breaking Free: How I Escaped Polygamy, the FLDS Cult, and My Father, Warren Jeffs.” detailed her experience.

Where was Rachel Jeffs raised?

Rachel Jeffs was born in Colorado City, Arizona, and raised in a closely regulated and clandestine environment within the FLDS community.

What was Rachel Jeffs’ education like?

Rachel completed only eighth grade within the church-run educational system. However, she later obtained a high school equivalency credential and pursued further education, highlighting her determination to overcome educational obstacles.

Who is Rachel Jeffs’ ex-husband?

Rachel Jeffs married Richard Allred at 18. Three girls and two boys. Rachel keeps personal matters, particularly her children, hidden.

When did Rachel Jeffs marry Brandon Blackmore?

Rachel Jeffs married Brandon Blackmore in Los Angeles on September 29, 2017. They remain happy and fulfilled in marriage.

What is Rachel Jeffs’ family background?

Rachel Jeffs is the daughter of Warren Steed Jeffs and Gloria Barlow. She also had a late brother named Roy Jeffs. Her family has deep roots within the FLDS community.

What is Rachel Jeffs best known for?

Rachel Jeffs became famous as the daughter of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs. Her book about her cult escape made her a voice for downtrodden people.

What is the title of Rachel Jeffs’ book, and what is it about?

Author Rachel Jeffs released “Breaking Free: How I Escaped Polygamy, the FLDS Cult, and My Father, Warren Jeffs.” It offers insights into her life within the FLDS and her journey to escape from its control.

What is Rachel Jeffs’ net worth?

As of 2021, Rachel Jeffs had a projected net worth of around $600,000, largely attributed to her writing and entrepreneurial ventures.

Where is Rachel Jeffs now?

Rachel Jeffs currently resides in North Idaho with her husband, Brandon Blackmore, and their expanding family. She continues to share her story, offer support to former FLDS members, and pursue her interests, including playing the violin.


A great person, Rachel Jeffs gained the courage to leave the FLDS sect after overcoming a difficult background. Many people are inspired by her narrative of tenacity, tenacity, and empowerment. She has exposed the shadowy FLDS community via her book, public appearances, and advocacy work and continues to stand with individuals looking for release from terrible conditions. A tribute to the tenacity of the human spirit is Rachel’s path from leaving the cult to creating a satisfying life with her husband and children.

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